Teacher Work Stoppage to Enter Fourth Day


On The Legislature Today, thousands of teachers and state workers again showed-up at the Capitol to protest low salaries and rising health care costs, as their work stoppage entered a third school day – tomorrow will be the fourth. We bring you the latest on the work stoppage. Also, in this episode, we look at a variety of health-related legislation and chat with Sen. Tom Takubo, R-Kanawha and Sen. Ron Stollings, D-Boone.

The West Virginia Capitol building’s marble halls once again echoed with teachers and state workers’ songs and chants as lawmakers met in floor sessions. Legislators face a key deadline in just 2 days; Wednesday will mark day 50 of the session – a day commonly referred to as Crossover Day.

This is the last day a bill can be passed out of the chamber in which it was introduced. If it doesn’t make it out of its house of origin, the bill is effectively tabled, short of some extraordinary measures. This rule does not apply to the budget, salary or supplemental appropriations bills.

So, while teachers are demanding their focus, lawmakers are entering the most hectic period of the session. Senior Reporter Dave Mistich joins host Andrea Lannom for the latest on the teacher work stoppage.

We also hear from Appalachia Health News Reporter Kara Lofton, who brings us a story on the impacts of tobacco. While West Virginia has the highest opioid overdose death rate in the country, research shows tobacco kills more than four times as many West Virginians as does opioids, and the passing of even moderate laws to limit tobacco-use in West Virginia is a difficult sell.

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