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Berkeley Medical Center Resumes Surgical Operations After Flooding

Berkeley Medical Center resumed full surgery operations Monday, with eight of its 10 operating rooms reopened. Flooding in late May temporarily suspended non-emergency services.

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Navigating Early Childhood Nutrition And How A Plant Closure Is Affecting A PA City, This West Virginia Morning

On this West Virginia Morning, from allergies to introducing solids, the first few years of a child's life have a surprising number of decisions for parents to make. In our latest entry of "Now What? A Series on Parenting," Chris Schulz talks with Isabela Negrin, an assistant professor of pediatrics at WVU Medicine, about the ins and outs of early childhood nutrition.

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Berkeley Medical Center Operating Rooms Indefinitely Closed Due To Flooding

WVU Medicine's Berkeley Medical Center has temporarily suspended use of its operating rooms due to flooding damage to the facility's first floor.

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New Tool Helps West Virginians Find Autism Resources

West Virginians seeking services or resources related to autism have a new way of finding them. 

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