Waste Water

$3.2 Million Slated For Water Upgrades in Marion, Jackson Counties

The Environmental Protection Agency allocated $3.2 million to water infrastructure improvement projects in Marion and Jackson counties on Monday.

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Federal Funding Helps Improve Water Quality In Rural Communities

Millions of federal dollars are coming to the state to help improve water safety and service.

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New Job Opportunities Expected In Central Appalachia As Water Operators Retire

Up to half of workers in the water and wastewater industry are expected to retire in 10 years. This wave of retirements is expected to create a shortage, which could magnify the already difficult situation in many central Appalachian communities. One program could help bridge the gap.

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EPA Looking To Fund Innovative Projects That Support Careers In Water And Wastewater

The U.S. The Environmental Protection Agency is offering up to $1 million in grants that support career opportunities for the drinking water and wastewater industries. Funds will also go towards campaigns that connect locals to these careers.

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