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Nonprofit Says Lack Of Water Access Is Costing U.S. Billions 

California based non-profit Dig Deep says there are 2.2 million people in the US who live without running water or a flush toilet in a report called “Closing the Water Access Gap in the United States.”

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Water Connections Finally Reach Wyoming County Mountain Residents

A nonprofit organization is connecting homes in Wyoming County with tap water service for free.

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Trauma In Coal Town Remains Raw After Decade On Boil Water Advisory

After years of inconsistent access to tap water, some communities in McDowell County are now connected to a reliable water system. One of those communities is Keystone, where 57 percent of the population is Black.

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McDowell Communities Get Clean Tap Water – After 11 Years Under Boil Water Advisory

When coal operators, people and jobs left the area, remnants like some beautiful buildings, coal tipples and water systems were left behind. The crumbling infrastructure that followed was not reliable, which meant living without consistent, clean tap water for many coalfield communities.

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