School Discipline

Senate Takes On School Discipline, Other Bills

Teachers may have the ability to remove troubled children from elementary school classrooms if Senate Bill 614 becomes law. The bill sparked a lot of debate on the chamber floor. It gives kindergarten through sixth grade teachers the ability to remove children from classes or from school if they are exhibiting certain behavior like threatening teachers or classmates or otherwise creating an unsafe learning environment. 

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Air Monitoring, Trans Rights And Babydog, This West Virginia Week

On this West Virginia Week, we are back with more coverage of the West Virginia Legislature. Plus, we’ll discuss a failed Senate bill that aimed to increase border security, a debt owed by one of Gov. Jim Justice’s companies, and ongoing medical difficulties facing the governor’s bulldog, Babydog.

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New Disciplinary Measures Would Extend To Elementary Grades

Student discipline continues to be an issue in West Virginia schools, and lawmakers continue to try and address the issue through legislation. A bill in the state Senate is trying to expand on a law that was passed last year. 

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Despite Legislative Action Last Year, Discipline Continues To Be Focus Of Session

Discipline has always been a part of a school education. But in recent years, concerns over student and teacher safety have elevated discipline to be the school issue of the day. The West Virginia Legislature has attempted to address the matter, and has indicated it will continue to do so this year.

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