Private Education

Hope Scholarship Applicants Top 6,000 In Second Enrollment Session

More than 6,000 West Virginia students' families have signed up for the Hope Scholarship savings account that allows them to take state money and apply it to tuition for private schools.

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Public Schools Sports Director Says Hope Play-Transfer Law Needs Legislative Revisit

Bernie Dolan said the one time transfer rule for upperclassmen and women has already prompted the beginnings of a recruiting portal system.

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Senate Education Discusses Financial Literacy, Free Period Products

The Senate Education Committee started the day off with a lively discussion of several topics, including history and hygiene.

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Debate Over Public Vs. Non-Traditional Education Gets Politically Heated

There are two schools of thought dominating the politics of improving West Virginia’s education systems. Some promote non-traditional education, while others say public schools must be prioritized.

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