Postal Workers Union

Postal Union Pursues Grievance Claims For Workers Removed From Schedule

A postal workers' union in Kanawha County has entered grievance procedure over the removal of four workers from a Charleston mail processing facility's schedule.

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Charleston USPS Facility Downgrading Could Be Postponed

The United States Postal Service announced Monday it would pause its implementation of further mail network changes until January 2025, which could impact a mail processing facility in West Virginia.

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More Postal Workers Affected By Facility Downgrade Than Union Anticipated

As many as 90 postal workers could have their jobs affected by the downgrading of a West Virginia mail facility. This figure is higher than union representatives anticipated.

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USPS Will Move W.Va. Mail Processing To Pittsburgh, Despite Pushback

The USPS announced Tuesday it will consolidate a South Charleston facility and move some mail processing operations to the Pittsburgh area. The changes follow months of pushback from union representatives.

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