Opioid Addiction

New Foundation Will Distribute Opioid Trial Settlement Funds

The newly formed West Virginia First Foundation will distribute settlement funds from lawsuits against opioid makers and distributors. 

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Compassion Fatigue

Homelessness is not just an issue for big cities like San Francisco or New York City. Across America, communities large and small are struggling to provide shelter to people without housing. In Charleston, West Virginia, government and community approaches to help the unhoused have created more debate on an issue that is already divisive.

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Veteran Law Enforcement Officers Now Included In Alzheimer’s Awareness Training Bill

On Alzheimer's Awareness Day at the West Virginia Legislature, the organization’s program director Terresa Morris said that more than half of those with the brain disorder affecting memory and behavior will - at one time or another - wander.

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Local, State And Federal Stakeholders Discuss Severity Of Opioid Addiction Crisis

Dr. Rahul Gupta, the director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy and the former West Virginia state health officer, was joined by Gayle Manchin Thursday during a second day of roundtable discussions about the severity of the opioid and addiction crisis in West Virginia.

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