Opioid Addiction

Us & Them Encore: Compassion Fatigue

Homelessness is not just an issue for big cities. Across America, communities large and small are struggling to provide shelter to people without housing. In Charleston, West Virginia, government and community approaches to help the unhoused have created renewed debate on an issue that is already divisive. Earlier this year, this episode of Us & Them received a second place award from the Virginias AP Broadcasters for Best Podcast.

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Program Helping Babies, Mothers With Opioid Dependence Receives More Funding 

The program also works to connect mothers with addiction recovery programs, education, housing, and job opportunities. The program has expanded the follow-up care babies born with NAS receive after they are discharged from hospital. 

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Marshall Student Selected For National Opioid Affected Youth Advisory Board

Brooklyn Johnson is a member of the Prevention Empowerment Partnership Youth Trainee Program and has been selected to serve on the national Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Opioid Affected Youth Advisory Board.

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