WIC Provides Nutritional Support And More For Parents

Parents are often left with many questions about how to raise a child. Two of the areas that are most concerning and confusing are feeding and nutrition. Government programs can offer many different kinds of support

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Primary Election Recap And A Discussion On Child Nutrition, This West Virginia Morning

On this West Virginia Morning, the results from Tuesday’s primary election came in mostly as expected. Government Reporter Randy Yohe has covered the intense campaigning leading up to the primary and he joins us live in the studio with results and reactions.

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New Parenting Series Kicks Off With Discussion On Changing Medical Advice 

In the first installment of a new series called “Now What: A Series On Parenting,” reporter Chris Schulz sits down with Dr. Adriana Diakiw, an assistant professor of pediatrics at West Virginia University (WVU), to discuss how things have changed and what doctors recommend today.

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DHHR Announces Increase To WIC Supplements

The state’s Department of Health and Human Resources has announced increases to a nutritional benefits program.

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