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‘Churched-Up Soup Beans’ And A New Book From A Climate Scientist, This West Virginia Morning

On this West Virginia Morning, the owner and head chef at the Northern Panhandle’s Vagabond Kitchen Matt Welsch spoke with Randy Yohe about his plans to enhance the dining experience at state park lodge restaurants.  

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Upcoming Book Takes An Inside Look At 2018 Teacher Strikes

In 2018, teachers and education workers in West Virginia went on strike for better pay and benefits in a labor action that ultimately spread to eight other states. Now, a new book titled ‘Rank and File Rebels’ takes a look at the movement in four of the states, including West Virginia. The book’s co-author and former West Virginia teacher Brendan Muckian-Bates sat down with reporter Chris Schulz to discuss.

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Legendary Locals celebrated in Wheeling

Brent Carney, professor of History at Eastern Gateway Community College, conceived of the idea of putting a book of local Wheeling legends together.“I…

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