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Federal Horse Racing Anti-Doping Regulations Take Effect, Including In W.Va.

West Virginia and Louisiana filed an injunction against the agency in July, keeping the act from being fully implemented while federal proceedings continued.

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Federal Court Rules In Favor Of States In Horse Racing Rules Case

A federal appeals court has ruled in favor of West Virginia, Louisiana and Texas in a case regarding the implementation of federal racetrack safety rules for horse racing.

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Federal Appeals Court Halts Horse Racing Injunction in W.Va., La.

A federal appeals court blocked a ruling that would have kept the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority from implementing racetrack safety and enforcement rules in both West Virginia and Louisiana.

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Days After Injunction Blocks Safety Regulations, Racehorse Collapses

A racehorse collapsed and was euthanized during a race Wednesday at a track in the Northern Panhandle. This is the first reported death after an injunction stopped officials from enforcing safety regulations in West Virginia’s thoroughbred racing industry earlier this week.

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