New Film Looks At 'Return of the Mothman'

Since his first sighting in November of 1966, West Virginia’s Mothman has become a pop culture figure recognized around the world and appearing in films, books and video games. Now the state’s best-known cryptid is back in a new movie, the locally produced “Return of the Mothman.”

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‘Bash’ Celebrating All Things Cryptid Returns To Morgantown

Now in its second year, the Cryptid Bash in Morgantown is a rising star in West Virginia’s growing constellation of supernatural attractions. Reporter Chris Schulz spoke with organizer Michael Strayer about this year’s bash.

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A W.Va. Board Game And Honduran, Salvadoran Food In Moorefield On This West Virginia Morning

On this West Virginia Morning, a new West Virginia board game combines the Mountain State’s resident monsters and some favorite dishes. Also, in this show, we meet a woman who has been serving up traditional Honduran and Salvadoran food at her restaurant in Moorefield.

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Cryptids, Local Food, Artwork Celebrated In W.Va. Board Game

Mothman's been sighted again in West Virginia. And he's looking for a meal. He's part of a new board game that features cryptids and local West Virginia food. Jared Kaplan and Chris Kincaid of Beckley, West Virginia created the game called “Hungry for Humans.”

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