Getting Into Their Reality: Caring For Aging Parents


Many West Virginia adults find themselves in the difficult position of caring for their children and looking after their parents at the same time. Conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s are problems, but so are mobility and safety issues at home. It can be stress-inducing and makes many people wonder if there is any help available and where to get it.


News Director Eric Douglas has found himself in the same position and wondered the same things. Through this interview series, we will bring experts into the studio to talk about things people need to know as they get older, or when helping aging parents.

Hospice Care Not Just About A Place To Die

For his series, "Getting Into Their Reality: Caring For Aging Parents," News Director Eric Douglas spoke with Katherine Calloway, director of Clinical Development for HospiceCare of West Virginia, to find out more.

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When Is It Time To Find 'A Place For Mom?'

Many families face the question of what is the best place for an aging family member to get the best care in their later years? In-home care? Nursing home? And, how do you pay for it? 

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W.Va. Town Makes Itself Dementia Friendly

St. Albans is the first location in the state that has been recognized as being dementia friendly — which means many people in the town are trained in techniques to make people with dementia feel welcome.

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What You Should Know About Planning For Your Death While You’re Living

While most of us don’t want to talk about it, it is vitally important to make plans for final arrangements: for our aging parents and ourselves.

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