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WVPB Special Series

From time to time, the West Virginia Public Broadcasting news team works collectively to produce a special series highlighting certain topics of interest to the people of the Mountain State.

From workforce challenges to the opioid epidemic or the economy and education, browse below to listen to our special projects from over the years.

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A light blue background with text that reads, "Now What? A Series On Parenting, From WVPB." On the blue background is a silhouette of a pink stork holding a baby in a bundle. There are also artistic half circles on the top and bottom of the graphic that are yellow, blue and pink.

Now What? A Series On Parenting

How to raise a child is a personal matter, but things have changed quite a bit in recent years. From best medical practices to the proliferation of online experts, parents have never had more information or choice when it comes to child rearing. And with so many choices, it can get overwhelming.

WVPB reporter Chris Schulz recently welcomed his first child and is grappling with how much there is to learn.

In this ongoing, occasional series, “Now What? A Series On Parenting,” we ask experts what they think parents – both old and new – need to know to best raise their children.

Appalachia Health News

Appalachia Health News is an ongoing series that tells the story of our health challenges and how we overcome them throughout the region. Our reporters cover topics such as women’s health, chronic disease and substance abuse, as well as documenting the health-related innovation, improvement and success within the Appalachian region.

Our Appalachia Health News Reporter is Emily Rice.

Appalachia Health News is produced with support from Marshall Health.

Help Wanted: Understanding West Virginia’s Labor Force

Having a healthy workforce is the foundation for a strong economy. Recent announcements in West Virginia of companies locating here, coupled with federal infrastructure programs that demand reliable workers, it raises a simple yet important question: Does the state have the people for the jobs?

In this series from West Virginia Public Broadcasting, our newsroom takes a deep dive into the strengths and challenges of West Virginia’s workforce.

Getting Into Their Reality: Caring For Aging Parents

Many West Virginia adults find themselves in the difficult position of caring for their children and looking after their parents at the same time. Conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s are problems, but so are mobility and safety issues at home. It can be stress-inducing and makes many people wonder if there is any help available — and where to get it.

News Director Eric Douglas is in the same position and wonders the same things. Through this ongoing, occasional interview series, we bring experts into the studio to talk about things people need to know as they get older, or when helping aging parents.

Unwinding Medicaid

In this ongoing, occasional series, Appalachia Health News Reporter Emily Rice untangles the complexities and ever-changing regulations of Medicaid after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Effective From Passage

“Effective From Passage” is West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s ongoing, occasional radio and web series that explores the greater impact of bills passed by the West Virginia Legislature and signed by the governor.

Join Government Reporter Randy Yohe and the WVPB newsroom as they take a deeper dive into approved legislation ranging from government, education, health and science, energy and environment, arts and culture, and the economy.

Country Roads: The Mountain State Tourism Economy

Tourism brings an increasing number of visitors and money into the state, dispelling some misconceptions about West Virginia, and offering new opportunities in regions of the state that have fallen behind.

The West Virginia Public Broadcasting news team examines this evolving industry. From infrastructure needs to programs meant to attract more people, we look at its growth and challenges.

Greyhound Racing In W.Va. — Last Of A Dying Breed

In this four-part radio series, West Virginia Public Broadcasting examines the history and future of greyhound racing in the state. As of 2023, West Virginia has the last two greyhound racing tracks in the United States. The state government is bound by law to support the greyhound racing operations at two casinos.

Reporters Randy Yohe and Chris Schulz take us inside West Virginia’s dog racing world, examining the economic, humane and legal elements that make this sport unique and controversial.

Returning Home

West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s “Returning Home” series features stories and conversations with West Virginians who, after leaving the Mountain State for other opportunities, decided to return, bringing their skills and expertise back home.

Closing The COVID Gap

In this radio series, former Education Reporter Liz McCormick explored how the state addressed the learning loss and social-emotional needs of students following the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

Each week in summer 2021, WVPB shared a new story highlighting some of the top questions and concerns in education.

Coal — And The Way Forward

From the conflicts of the Mine Wars-era, to the new fight to survive amid shifts in energy needs and deepening calls for environmental reform, West Virginians have long been searching for a way to make a life alongside — and beyond — coal.

In this series, “Coal and the Way Forward,” we talked to some of them.

The Needle and the Damage Done

This special series from 2015 to 2017 took an in-depth look at the heroin epidemic that spread across West Virginia.

From the story of the addict who could no longer get prescription narcotics on the street, the emergency room physician who cares for overdose patients, and the lawmakers working to reverse the trend – these are the voices and stories of West Virginians impacted by heroin.