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How to raise a child is a personal matter, but things have changed quite a bit in recent years. From best medical practices to the proliferation of online experts, parents have never had more information or choice when it comes to child rearing. And with so many choices, it can get overwhelming.

WVPB reporter Chris Schulz recently welcomed his first child and is grappling with how much there is to learn.

In this ongoing, occasional series, “Now What? A Series On Parenting,” we ask experts what they think parents – both old and new – need to know to best raise their children.


Chris Schulz,Apr. 17, 2024

Parents Face A Digital Balancing Act

Digital devices and social media command more and more of our attention these days. Balancing this and creating healthy boundaries for increasingly younger children is becoming a bigger part of being a parent.

Chris Schulz,Apr. 03, 2024

Understanding The Basics Of Being A Foster Parent

From grandfamilies to kin networks and everything in between, families come in all shapes and sizes in West Virginia, and there is a growing need for foster parents.

Chris Schulz,Mar. 20, 2024

Understanding How Babies Sleep

Sleep is a key part of both mental and physical health for everyone. But for many parents, ensuring their baby is getting good sleep can be frustrating and elusive. In the latest installment of our new series “Now What? A Series On Parenting,” we speak with an expert about infant sleep.

Chris Schulz,Mar. 13, 2024

New Parenting Series Kicks Off With Discussion On Changing Medical Advice 

In the first installment of a new series called “Now What: A Series On Parenting,” reporter Chris Schulz sits down with Dr. Adriana Diakiw, an assistant professor of pediatrics at West Virginia University (WVU), to discuss how things have changed and what doctors recommend today.