House Bills Aim To Bolster Hunting, Fishing Access For West Virginians

Two bills under consideration in the West Virginia House of Delegates aim to reinforce hunting and fishing access within the state. They passed a House committee with majority support, and will each be referred to a second committee for further deliberation.

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Fish Consumption Advisory Implemented For Upper Mud Reservoir

The Mud River has long served as a fishing hub for southern West Virginia. But state health officials now advise residents to limit fish consumption from one of its reservoirs.

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Interview With The Ichthyologist

They say there’s a lot of fish in the sea, but there’s also an awful lot of fish in the streams and rivers of Appalachia. A new book by fisheries research scientist, and WVU professor, Stuart Welsh showcases some of the lesser-known fish in the region. Bill Lynch spoke with Welsh about his book Hornyheads, Madtoms and Darters.

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Meet Fly Rod Maker Lee Orr On This West Virginia Morning

On this West Virginia Morning, advances to the pastime of fishing include new reels, lures, and gadgets to help you catch fish. But some people prefer the old-fashioned way, which isn’t always simple. Folkways Reporter Zack Harold visits the Elk River where a West Virginia fly rod maker explains his skill.

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