Capito: Senate Will Hold Hearing On Boeing 737 MAX 9 Panel Failure

Capito, a member of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, says a hearing will be held “sooner than later” on the door panel that detached from a MAX aircraft in midflight.

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Simulated Airplane Disaster Planned At North Central West Virginia Airport

“The drill allows us to see our weaknesses, you want to train as you would fight, so to speak,” Curry said. “When you have a real-life exercise like this it allows us to train in a way that we would respond to a real exercise but we can do so in a safe and controlled environment when there's no real life or property at stake and in the presence of skilled evaluators.”

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‘Save Coonskin Park’ Rally Draws Large Turnout

“I mean you can see from the end of the proposed destruction over there, of the mountain top removal, you can see that mountain range from my house,” Severn said. “I’m not interested in looking out my window and seeing a strip mine.”

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