Education Reform

Debate Over Public Vs. Non-Traditional Education Gets Politically Heated

There are two schools of thought dominating the politics of improving West Virginia’s education systems. Some promote non-traditional education, while others say public schools must be prioritized.

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House Leadership Discusses 2023 Priorities

Economic development and education are two issues that loom large as legislators prepare for the 2023 general session. Leaders in the House of Delegates from both parties have different views on the varied priority issues that need to be addressed.

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State Officials React To Failure Of Amendment 4

West Virginia voters soundly defeated all four amendments on the ballot in the midterm elections Tuesday, including Amendment 4, the Education Accountability Amendment.

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Amendment 4: Deciding Authority Over W.Va. Public Education

WVPB talked with two West Virginia teachers who both hold positions of power and have very different views on the amendment.

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