Education Reform

Justice Calls On Lawmakers To Rescind School Sports Transfer ‘Mistake’

Gov. Jim Justice called for state lawmakers to reverse a law that allows students to transfer high schools to play on another sports team without changing addresses or completing a waiting period.

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Board Of Education Hears Updates On School Discipline 

Educational leaders have expressed concern about a legislative change to school discipline that makes it easier to suspend a student. 

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Public Schools Sports Director Says Hope Play-Transfer Law Needs Legislative Revisit

Bernie Dolan said the one time transfer rule for upperclassmen and women has already prompted the beginnings of a recruiting portal system.

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Justice Signs Education Bills With Grade Schoolers 

After a playful half hour of taking questions in the school gymnasium from the all-student audience, the governor had students help hold his pen as he began signing House Bill 3035, the Third Grade Success Act, putting teachers aides in grades one through three.

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