A Deep Dive Into The ‘Women’s Bill Of Rights’

On this episode of The Legislature Today, the “Women’s Bill of Rights,” or House Bill 5243, would put certain definitions of “man” and “woman” into code and determine who can use single-sex spaces like restrooms and locker rooms. Democrats call it an “anti-trans” bill. We talk with lawmakers and stakeholders to get perspective.

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A Mystery Novel From The Coalfields And Our Song Of The Week, This West Virginia Morning

family comes from McDowell County. His first book, The Moonshine Messiah, is a mystery set in the coalfields of West Virginia. Bill Lynch spoke to Johnson about his book and the long road to getting published.

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Locality Pay Bill Fails In House

House Bill 2953 would have created the Commission on Cost-of-Living Adjustments, tasked with designating the five counties most in need of locality pay adjustments. The bill failed on a vote of 42 to 56.

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Mingo Mayor’s Expectations After Coalfield Communities Grant Bill Passes 

West Virginia House Bill 4479 established the Coalfield Communities Grant Facilitation Commission. Its purpose is to help struggling coal communities access federal dollars.

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