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Final Week Of 2024 Session Looms, Budget Questions Remain

On this episode of The Legislature Today, there is just one more week of the 2024 West Virginia Legislative session. These last days of the regular session are usually when state budget issues are debated and resolved. But a surprise notification from the federal government that the state return nearly half a billion dollars in COVID-19 funds has several major legislative funding issues on hold.

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Students Demonstrate Career And Technical Skills At Capitol

Hundreds of high school students filled the Capitol Rotunda on Friday to show off their career and technical skills.

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Middle School Career And Technical Training Hopes To Improve Student Engagement, Employment

“I've seen kids go to college and have no idea what they want to be and go get a political science degree, then they can’t get a job,” Hardesty said. “I am sick and tired of a counselor telling a kid in the welding program ‘You don't want to be a welder’ when he can go out and make $40 an hour and get hired today.”

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Student Success Summit Focuses On Being ‘Career-Ready’

Hundreds of teachers from across the state will gather in Charleston this week - to learn how to incorporate the concept of being “career-ready” into their lesson plans.

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