O Pioneer, Turtle Travels And Throwing Rocks, Inside Appalachia

This week on Inside Appalachia, Appalachians are often called mountaineers — but are they also "pioneers?" A new documentary reckons with what it means… to be a pioneer. In Michigan, an Appalachian mountain man competes in a championship tournament, for skipping stones — and we wade into a mountain wetland to search for one of the region’s most elusive creatures. 

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Days After Injunction Blocks Safety Regulations, Racehorse Collapses

A racehorse collapsed and was euthanized during a race Wednesday at a track in the Northern Panhandle. This is the first reported death after an injunction stopped officials from enforcing safety regulations in West Virginia’s thoroughbred racing industry earlier this week.

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To Love Or Not To Love? That Is The Question In The Animal Kingdom

If you have ever watched animals interact, it seems like they feel love. Penguins mate for life. Elephants form a bond through wrapping their trunks together before they mate. Some types of wolves mate for life and help raise the wolf pups. So, do animals actually feel love?

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