American Civil War

On W.Va.’s 160th Birthday, A Historian Describes Its Split From Virginia

Inside Appalachia Host Mason Adams recently spoke with Hal Gorby, whose lecture on West Virginia statehood was recently featured on C-SPAN’s Lectures in History series. Gorby is a professor at West Virginia University (WVU), who specializes in Appalachian and West Virginia history.

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Misconceptions Of W.Va. Statehood And Our Song Of The Week, This West Virginia Morning

On this West Virginia Morning, most people have heard how Virginia and West Virginia split during the American Civil War, but it may not be the simple story many of us know. Inside Appalachia host Mason Adams spoke with West Virginia University professor Hal Gorby about what some people get wrong about state history.

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Civil War Talk Draws Parallels With Modern Veterans

Psychiatrist and historian Stephen Goldman will be giving a talk about the Civil War Reconstruction era Tuesday at Shepherd University.

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July 17, 1861: Confederate Army Wins Early Civil War Victory in Putnam Co. Battle

On July 17, 1861, Confederates won one of their first victories of the Civil War at the Battle of Scary Creek in Putnam County. Union forces had been…

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