State Supreme Court Will Weigh Cabell County, Huntington Opioid Lawsuit

This year every county in West Virginia, except Cabell County, is set to begin receiving opioid settlement funds, totalling over 400 million dollars from a nearly statewide lawsuit that was won in 2022.  Cabell County, and its largest city, Huntington, decided to bring their own joint lawsuit. They lost that suit in 2022, despite suing with the same claim that was used in successful state and nationwide lawsuits that the pharmaceutical companies had created a “public nuisance.”

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Local Outcry Spurs Beckley To Drop Addiction Recovery Resource Expansion

Last month, Beckley was poised to become the first city nationally to earn a special status for its addiction recovery resources. But on Tuesday, Beckley residents packed a meeting of the Beckley Common Council to express concerns over the plan.

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Beckley First US City To Earn International Status For Addiction Recovery Support

Beckley was named the first inclusive recovery city in the United States, joining 26 other cities globally in providing city-level resources for addiction recovery.

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Program Helping Babies, Mothers With Opioid Dependence Receives More Funding 

The program also works to connect mothers with addiction recovery programs, education, housing, and job opportunities. The program has expanded the follow-up care babies born with NAS receive after they are discharged from hospital. 

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