Randy Yohe Published

State Supreme Court’s New Website More Public User Friendly

Five judges sit and stand at the bench. There are three men and two women.
West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals Justices
J. Alex Wilson/W.Va. Supreme Court of Appeals

The Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia has launched a new www.courtswv.gov website. In a release, the court noted it’s designed to “enhance the public’s ability to find information about the state court system and its work.”     

”We remain committed to transparency in the judicial branch, and the new website offers even more information and a readily accessible format,” Chief Justice Beth Walker said.

Website improvements include a new “latest news” feature on the homepage with information about recent events, as well as important website features. 

Information is now organized by user, as well as by topic. There are four icons – Public, Jurors, Attorneys, Media – that include links that those specific groups of users search most often. 

There are eight new resource icons with links to the most frequently visited pages: Court Information by County, Court Forms, Supreme Court Opinions, Intermediate Court Opinions, Supreme Court Calendar, Intermediate Court Calendar, E-Filing, and Payments.

The court said the new site will be easier for people to access on mobile phones because the view automatically changes to provide the best user experience possible on each device.  

The West Virginia court system launched its first website in 1997 and last redesigned the site in 2011.