Curtis Tate Published

State Repairing Bridges, Culverts Damaged By Heavy Rainfall

West Virginia Division of Highways - Flooding.jpg

The West Virginia Division of Highways is working to repair roads damaged in Monday’s heavy rainfall in Fayette and Kanawha counties.

Crews are building a temporary bridge on Carbondale Road in Smithers to replace one that was washed out, cutting off access to several residents.

The cleanup of West Virginia Route 16 continues. The road was blocked by a “soupy material” coming off a hillside. Crews were able to open a lane for emergency vehicles.

Division of Highways personnel are also working at Scrabble Creek Road near Gauley Bridge.

In Kanawha County, they’re clearing ditches and culverts in the Hughes Creek, Kelley’s Creek and Campbell’s Creek areas. More significant repairs may be needed.

Kanawha County is collecting flood debris through Sunday. Residents who have property damage should call the county’s Planning and Development Office at 304-357-0570.