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State May Weigh Measure to Allow Concealed Guns Without Permit

9 mm handgun

After West Virginia’s governor vetoed the idea earlier this year, a push to let people carry hidden guns without permits is regaining steam.

In March, Democratic Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin vetoed a measure making concealed carry permits optional. He cited safety concerns and an outcry from law enforcement. However, Republican state Senate President Bill Cole says there is enough support for the measure to revisit it in January.

It’s legal to carry a gun openly — like in a holster — without a permit in West Virginia. With the proposed change, gun carriers wouldn’t need a permit to cover their weapons with a coat, or something similar. Few states allow concealed weapons to be carried without a permit.

If Tomblin vetoes the bill again, the Republican-led Legislature would need only a simple majority to overturn the veto.