Emily Rice Published

Senate Passes Bill To Provide Feminine Hygiene Products In Schools

A woman reaches for a free tampon from a dispenser in a school restroom.
The Senate passed SB 489, requiring schools to provide feminine hygiene products to students, on Wednesday.
Richard Yeh/WNYC

On Wednesday, the West Virginia Senate passed a bill that would require the boards of education in each county to provide free feminine hygiene products to grades three through 12.

The local boards are also required to develop a plan to make the products available so the student can obtain them discreetly.

A 2021 study conducted by U from Kotex, the founding sponsor of Alliance for Period Supplies, found that two in five people have struggled to purchase period products, a problem the COVID-19 pandemic has compounded.

If the House of Delegates approves Senate Bill 489 and it is signed by the governor, West Virginia would join 16 other states in requiring period products in schools.

The bill now goes to the House for their consideration.