Board of Education

State Board Of Education Discusses Effects Of Recent Legislation

Education leaders are taking stock of what the state legislature did and didn’t do for schools in the regular session. 

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School Board Accountability, Gender Identity And Campus Hunger Focus Of Education Committees

The education committees of both chambers started the week off by advancing bills to improve management of local school districts, as well as bills on gender identity instruction and hunger on college campuses.

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Senate Bill Aims To Keep Children Safe From Sextortion

Today the Senate passed a bill aimed at helping children stay safer from internet predators and cyberbullies.  ...

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Middle School Career And Technical Training Hopes To Improve Student Engagement, Employment

“I've seen kids go to college and have no idea what they want to be and go get a political science degree, then they can’t get a job,” Hardesty said. “I am sick and tired of a counselor telling a kid in the welding program ‘You don't want to be a welder’ when he can go out and make $40 an hour and get hired today.”

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