Jessica Lilly Published

Popular Appalachian Heritage Series Spurs A Repeat 

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Workshops celebrating Appalachian heritage were so well received that a Greenbrier County non-profit organization is already planning a repeat for next year. The first Appalachian Heritage Series was hosted at Carnegie Hall in Lewisburg.

The series included workshops meant to introduce a new generation to old traditions.

Nearly 150 students participated in 19 different classes as part of the first series. The workshops offered hands-on opportunities to learn about Appalachian arts and crafts. Spring 2022 sessions were offered during after-hours and on weekends so working people could attend.

The series also included demonstrations on topics including sausage making, woodturning, soap making, ballad singing, leather working, needle felting and basket weaving.

Students from eight West Virginia counties and five states attended classes.

Find more information about the 2022 workshops and how to apply to be a teacher next year on Carnegie Hall’s website.