Dave Mistich Published

Photo: Meet The Bison Calf from the West Virginia Wildlife Center


The West Virginia Wildlife Center in French Creek has announced its newest resident: a female bison calf. The calf, born Friday, May 2, joins the many animals native to West Virginia that are on display at the Wildlife Center. 

“A bison calf can walk almost immediately after birth, albeit a bit wobbly,” said Rob Silvester, wildlife biologist for the Wildlife Center in a news release. “It will begin to nurse within minutes as well. The calf will nurse for four to six months before beginning to nibble on grass and grain.”

According to the West Virginia Wildlife Center, Bison once were found in large numbers in West Virginia and across North America, but now are mostly found in captivity for display purposes or on public lands and ranches. They can weigh as much as 2,400 pounds when fully grown. The Wildlife Center has several adult bison as part of the facility’s exhibit.

“This is a great opportunity for the public to see a bison calf,” Silvester said. “If you want to see one in the wild you’d have to go out west. This is a big event for the Wildlife Center and we hope people will visit us over the spring and summer to help us celebrate.”