Eric Douglas Published

‘Paradise Park, The Musical’ Debuts In Charleston

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The Charleston Light Opera Guild is staging “Paradise Park, The Musical”, starting this weekend at the Guild Theater in Charleston.

The show is based on the 1992 feature film “Paradise Park,” written and directed by Martinsburg-born filmmaker Danny Boyd. He collaborated with Mountain Stage Creative Director Larry Groce to set the story to music.

This is the first time the Charleston Light Opera Guild has produced a non-Broadway show in it’s 85-year history. That’s according to Nina Denton-Passinetti, the show’s director.

“We’re proud we’re presenting it. I don’t think there’s anyone that isn’t,” Denton-Passinetti said. “Anybody who was reluctant in our group has been won over. They are kind of ‘Oh, yeah, I didn’t even realize that’s what was going on. But now it makes sense.’ And I think people will appreciate it.”

The show centers on poverty, religion, and people caring for each other through hard times, natural disasters and everyday life. The musical tells the story of an elderly woman in a West Virginia trailer park who dreams that God will come to their community and grant them all a wish.

“This West Virginia story, written by West Virginians, performed by West Virginians. It still speaks today, many years later after Danny originally wrote it,” Denton-Passinetti said.

Performances are Feb. 4 through 6 and Feb. 11 through 13. Tickets are available through the light opera guild website and at the theater office two hours before the show for $20 each. Visit the Charleston Light Opera Guild’s website for more information.