Jessica Lilly Published

Organization Sends Needed Water to Wyoming County Town


A community going on five months without clean water received another donation Thursday. This time, from a group based in New Jersey.

Earlier this month, we shared a story about the community of Bud and Alpoca along with an elementary school that have been without clean water since September.

Since then, Principal Virginia Lusk says she has received several phone calls and emails from people saying they want to help.

Last week, a church from North Carolina delivered water and the latest delivery was made possible by an organization in New Jersey called The Good People Fund.

Executive Director Naomi Lesenburger says the organization sent about $700 to the local grocery store.

The money was used to buy 1,000 gallons of clean water. The water was sent to the school and is available for the residents that remain in need.

Alpoca Water Works owns the system that supplies the water but is in the process of selling. The deal is believed to have been stalled because of land ownership issues. The system sits on land purchased by Nascar driver Greg Biffle, who has not responded to requests for comment.

Logan County PSD officials say they are working to fix the problem but the system is dated and in bad shape.