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Old School Fly Fishing Rods And Minor League Baseball Lore, Inside Appalachia

Close up of a man's hand on a fishing rod.
Lee Orr crafts simple fly fishing rods that are anything but simple.
Zack Harold/West Virginia Public Broadcasting

This week, we meet a craftsman who builds exquisite, handmade fly rods and shares his love of fishing with others.

We also talk about Appalachia’s nurse shortage. Experts say tackling racism could help attract and keep more nurses.

We also hear stories about Appalachian baseball and listen to the story of how a minor league team in Tennessee traded its shortstop — for a turkey.

You’ll hear these stories and more this week, Inside Appalachia.

In This Episode:

The Tao Of Fly Fishing Rods

The path from making the fly fishing rod to using it is long, but still ends in the river.

Credit: Zack Harold/West Virginia Public Broadcasting

Fly fishermen are a different breed. There’s plenty of newfangled fishing gear out there, but some folks prefer to fish with hand-made rods made with traditional materials.

Folkways Reporter Zack Harold takes us along on a trip to the Elk River to learn more.

Nursing Crisis In Kentucky

Health care access is still a major problem in our region. Along with a lack of facilities, there’s a growing need for more nurses — especially nurses who are people of color.

WFPL’s Morgan Watkins reports. 

Reviewing The Story Of West Virginia’s Statehood

Mason Adams hears more about West Virginia’s split from Virginia, which was more complex than choosing to stay with the union.


If you live in and around West Virginia, you’ve probably heard the history of how the state split off from Virginia. But if your history classes didn’t get into it, or if you don’t remember the finer points, West Virginia University (WVU) history professor Hal Gorby explains what people get wrong about the creation of West Virginia.

Inside Appalachia Host Mason Adams spoke with Gorby.

Baseball Lore In Appalachia

A photo of a page in Tim Hagerty's book.
“Tales from the Dugout: 1001 Humorous, Inspirational & Wild Anecdotes from Minor League Baseball” explores some of the stories of the minor leagues.


Minor league baseball is back. Through early fall, there’s almost always a game happening somewhere. Veteran minor league baseball announcer Tim Hagerty is the author of “Tales from the Dugout: 1,001 Humorous, Inspirational & Wild Anecdotes from Minor League Baseball.”

Bill Lynch spoke with Hagerty about minor league ball and some of Appalachia’s best baseball lore.  


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