New British Drama, "The Making of a Lady"


Premieres Sunday, February 9 at 10 p.m. on West Virginia PBS

Based on the novel by celebrated writer Frances Hodgson Burnett (The Secret Garden, A Little Princess),The Making of a Lady is the story of the educated but penniless Emily Fox Seaton (South Riding, Any Human Heart). During her duties as a lady’s companion for Lady Maria (Joanna Lumley, Absolutely Fabulous, Marple), she meets her employer’s wealthy widower nephew, Lord James Walderhurst (Linus Roache, Titanic, Batman Begins). Accepting his practical, if unromantic, marriage proposal, Emily finds solace in the company of Walderhurst’s nephew Alec Osborn (James D’Arcy, Cloud Atlas, Hitchcock) and his glamorous wife, Hester (Hasina Haque), after Lord James leaves to rejoin his regiment. But all is not what it seems as an increasingly contented Emily has no inkling her life is actually in danger. While Walderhurst risks his life overseas, Emily, alone with the Osborns, seems powerless to avoid the threat that begins to encircle her and begins to fear for her life.


Credit Courtesy of Runaway Fridge TV
Joanna Lumley as Lady Maria Byrne

The story has been adapted for the screen by Kate Brooke, whose other work includes Mr. Selfridge and The Forsyte Saga.

“We’re lucky to have such a wonderful script from Kate Brooke,” said executive producer Stevie Lee. “It’s an engaging and clever story with tension and jeopardy every step of the way, but also it’s fresh, a period story that very few people know.”