Delaney Wells Published

Monongahela National Forest Prohibits Fireworks

A bright display of fireworks lighting up the sky behind the American flag.
Statewide festivities are going on to celebrate the Fourth of July.
Eric Douglas/West Virginia Public Broadcasting

The Fourth of July is coming up and a great place to spend it is in Monongahela National Forest. While packing for the weekend, remember to leave your fireworks at home. While they are perfect for the holiday, possessing, igniting, discharging, or using fireworks of any kind is prohibited on national forest system lands. 

“We encourage forest visitors to enjoy public fireworks displays in one of the communities in and around Monongahela National Forest.” said Aaron Kendall, fire management officer for Monongahela National Forest. 

Setting off fireworks is illegal, but also hazardous and can cause injury or may start wildfires.

Law enforcement in the national park will be watching closely this Fourth of July. Fireworks will be confiscated, and users can be fined up to $5,000 or serve up to six months in prison.

Report any fire-related incidents to the Mid-Atlantic Coordination Center 24-hour dispatch at (717) 980-3230.