Medicaid Bill to ‘Get People Back to Work’ Concerns Some in Health Community


Lawmakers are working weekends and evenings now as we enter the seventh week of the 2019 West Virginia Legislative session. We’ll discuss a controversial Medicaid bill that originated in the House Finance Committee. It was reported to the floor at almost the last possible moment for consideration.

Senior Statehouse Reporter Dave Mistich joins host Suzanne Higgins to bring us the latest from the Capitol.

It’s also Social Media Monday, so we’re joined by Digital Reporter Shayla Klein in Morgantown.

HB 3136 – the Medicaid work requirement bill – is on the amendment stage in the House of Delegates.

Chantal Fields, Executive Director of West Virginians for Affordable Health Care, and Dr. Simon Haeder, a political science professor at the Rockefeller School of Policy and Politics at West Virginia University, join Suzanne Higgins to share their perspective on the bill.

HB 2452 create the West Virginia Cybersecurity Office. It passed the House of Delegates Monday, and it now moves to the Senate. Reporter Randy Yohe brings us this story.

On Tuesday, we’ll take a look at several criminal justice reforms bills and the support they have on both sides of the aisle.