May 31, 1946: Author Meredith Sue Willis Born in Clarksburg


Author Meredith Sue Willis was born in Clarksburg on May 31, 1946. She was raised in Shinnston, where both her parents were educators. After graduating from Shinnston High School, she attended Bucknell University for two years before dropping out to become a VISTA volunteer. She later earned undergraduate and graduate degrees and became an artist-in-residence in New York public schools and in New Jersey. She was also adjunct assistant professor of creative writing at New York University’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

Willis has authored four books on writing: Personal Fiction Writing, Blazing Pencils, Deep Revision, and Ten Strategies to Write Your Novel. All are used widely in classrooms.

She’s written three children’s books: The Secret Super Powers of Marco, Marco’s Monster, and Billie of Fish House Lane. Her adult fiction, which is mainly set in West Virginia, includes A Space Apart, Higher Ground, Only Great Changes, Quilt Pieces, In The Mountains of America, Trespassers, Oradell at Sea, Dwight’s House and Other Stories, The City Built of Starships, and Out of the Mountains.

Meredith Sue Willis lives in New Jersey with her husband.