Mallory Richards Published

LISTEN: The Sweetback Sisters Have The Mountain Stage Song Of The Week

The Sweetback Sisters live on Mountain Stage in 2011.

This week’s episode of Mountain Stage features odd, unusual and hilarious takes on familiar subjects.

‘Funny You Should Sing That’ is a special compilation episode featuring performances by Randy Newman, Todd Snider, Julia Sweeney, Jeff Daniels, The Roches, Jill Sobule, and many more as they tackle the topics of love, sex, religion, politics, general absurdity, and possibly the most sordid of all… a career in the music business.

Our Song of the Week is “My Uncle Used to Love Me But She Died” by The Sweetback Sisters. This cover of Roger Miller’s novelty song was released on their 2009 album, Chicken Ain’t Chicken.

We’ll also hear songs from Randy Newman (“Political Science”), Todd Snider (“America’s Favorite Pastime”), Kate Vargas (“7 Inches”), and many more.

Check out the playlist and listen on one of these public radio stations starting Friday, Dec. 29.