Emily Rice Published

Kroger Settles Opioid Lawsuit For $68 Million

Gray-hair man in a suit with a red tie stands behind a podium.
Patrick Morrisey
West Virginia Attorney General's Office

Kroger has settled with West Virginia for $68 million in the latest, and possibly the last, of the state’s opioid lawsuits against major pharmaceutical chains.

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey announced Thursday his office reached the settlement. A trial in the case was set to begin on June 5, 2023.

The pharmacy chain was the last remaining defendant in a lawsuit involving Walgreens, Walmart, CVS and Rite Aid.

“Well, while there will likely be some litigation in the future, I can say that the current cases for West Virginia right now are complete,” Morrisey said. “As of just yesterday, I reached an agreement along with the we recommended to the counties and cities that Kroger is going to be settling with the state of West Virginia for $68 million.”

Morrisey said this brings the total settlement money to more than $1 billion.

Money from all opioid settlements will be distributed under the terms of the West Virginia First Memorandum of Understanding which allows for the creation of the West Virginia First Foundation.

The foundation will distribute the settlement funds according to the decisions of yet to be elected county representatives and other board members.

“And with that massive amount of supply that’s out there, West Virginia needs to do more today to stop the senseless death,” Morrisey said. “That’s part of why I’m so hopeful about the West Virginia First Foundation and all the work that we’ve been doing.”