Jessica Lilly Published

Knitters wanted to help families of cancer victims


A pink scarf that stretches more than 6,060 feet is draped across the inside of Tamarack and anyone is welcome to add a few more knitted feet. Knitters that contribute then fill out a card with a message.

“This is in memory of Telo of Richmond Hill, Georgia who passed away at a young age of 47 from cancer,” Deaner Will said. “Telo know I’m always thinking of you with much love and blessings; Linda Crawford from Middleburg Florida.”

Williams, a Tamarack employee, reads a card that’s attached to the pink scarf in Tamarack. The cards are from knitters who contributed to the length.

The project began in January 2010 to honor the memory of Terri Lynne Massey, who died of breast cancer in October 2009. The scarf has gained attention and contributions from people in states across the country and even other countries. Massey left a family including three children.

The funds raised go to the Terri’s Tribute a non-profit organization that helps send loved ones to college who lost a family member to cancer.

The event is special to Williams. She has been cancer free for almost eight years.

“We need to take the time and the trouble and the money and whatever it takes to get the awareness out,” Williams said.   

The scarf will be on display through the month of October. Tamarack is supplying yarn and even a rocking chair for anyone interested in contributing to the length with some knitting of their own.