Randy Yohe Published

Justice Calls WVU Curriculum Bloated, Rejects State Bailout

A picture of Governor Jim Justice wearing a grey suit and red tie.
Gov. Jim Justice said what they found in the latest corrections crisis incident, "wasn't pretty".
W.Va. Governor's Office

With a $1.8 billion state surplus, some legislators in north central West Virginia are asking the state to help West Virginia University out of its $45 million dollar deficit and resulting academic transformation.

Asked in a Wednesday media briefing about providing emergency financial help for its flagship university, Gov. Jim Justice said he questioned the school’s overall academic offerings.

“There is absolutely no question that what has happened is some level of bloating in programs and things that maybe we ought not be teaching at WVU,” Justice said.

Justice also said he did not sense an urgent call for WVU funding help from the state House or Senate.  

“I do not think there is an appetite from the standpoint of the leadership in the legislature at this point in time to basically bail out WVU,” he said.

Justice said giving WVU “one-time-money” would offer limited help and the state needs to be in a backfill situation. He said he has faith in WVU leadership.

“I have all the confidence in the world and President Gee and the Board of Governors that WVU will get their house in order,” Justice said.

A majority of the WVU Board of Governors are appointed by the governor. They will meet Friday to make a final determination on an academic transformation plan.