Increased Sales Taxes or Sin Taxes? Justice Says He Wants One


On The Legislature Today, Governor Jim Justice says budget negotiations have broken down between Democrats and House leadership after talks this week.

Justice said they were near a deal when House Republicans refused to put about $45 million in tax increases to a vote in the chamber.

Senators have voted to override Governor Jim Justice’s veto of Senate Bill 330. The bill was an attempt to clarify some language in the state’s Right to Work law which was approved by lawmakers in the 2016 session.It takes only a simple majority vote to override a gubernatorial veto. Senators voted 21 to 12 today to do so. It will also take a vote in the House of Delegates for the bill to become law without the governor’s signature.
A bill to eliminate the West Virginia Greyhound Breeding Development Fund is making its way through the House. It’s been on second reading, or the amendment stage, since Tuesday, but due to a laundry list of amendments and some heated debate, consideration was postponed until today.
Senate Bill 239 hasn’t yet been placed on the House Judiciary Committee’s agenda.
Senators are not giving up their position on a bill that expands the powers of the state Department of Highways in some contracting areas. The chamber worked its version of the bill to remove caps on design build projects in two committees, and through an amendment on the floor today, is pressuring the House to join them.