House Takes Suggestions From Public Hearing, Moves Forward With Senate's Water Bill


The day after the House of Delegates’ public hearing on last month’s chemical leak and the safety of the water supply, lawmakers began the process of incorporating suggestions to strengthen Senate Bill 373.

While some speakers at the hearing felt that there were too many empty chairs at the hearing, Del. Don Perdue said the turnout from his fellow delegates was satisfactory.

“I want to point out that that was a hearing before three committees of the House which would have 63 members,” Perdue said. “Last night I counted and at least half of that delegation that could have been here stayed until the end.”

Delegate Perdue said his committee will need more information from agencies scheduled to testify. Then the focus will turn to possibly strengthening the current draft of Senate Bill 373.

“We have to see if it may be tweaked in ways that the public might find more appealing,” Perdue said. “We don’t know. We really need to get all of that information in front of us before we make a true determination.”