Randy Yohe Published

High Tech Preventive Road Maintenance Among House Bills Passed Saturday 

Man in blue suit speaks to a crowd
Del. Daniel Linville, R-Cabell, is one of the lead sponsors on the "Road Optimization and Assessment Data (R.OAD) Pilot Program."
Perry Bennett/WV Legislative Photography

Using artificial intelligence to better maintain state roads was just one of several bills passed by the House of Delegates in a Saturday session, including:

House Bill 3214 creates the “Road Optimization and Assessment Data (ROAD) Pilot Program.” Highway crews will collect data in Monongalia and Preston Counties to best determine how to maintain roads and highways. They will use a combination of artificial intelligence, GPS, laser measurements and more to predict road faults such as potential potholes, buckles and breaks, to provide plans for preventive maintenance.

House Bill 2064 establishes the Tourism and Commercial Opportunity Zone Tax and Tax Credit Act. The intention is to encourage investment in business development and thereby increase employment and economic development.

House Bill 2483 reduces income tax liability for taxpayers who improve building facades in historic districts and provides for a tax credit of the replacement cost of historic facades.

House Bill 2760 permits firefighters to drive ambulances when both attendants are needed to administer patient care. There was debate over insurance liability when a firefighter drive as company’s ambulance, but it was decided that mutual aid agreements covered the issue

These four bills now go to the Senate for consideration.