Ashton Marra Published

Glenville Finds Ways to Cuts Costs Amid Budget Reductions


This year’s state budget included more than $16 million in cuts to higher education institutions, forcing many schools to raise tuition and fees. But Glenville State College is trying to buck that trend.

Glenville State College President Dr. Tracy Pellett announced last month his school would not raise tuition in response to the cuts. Instead, it would refinance its mortgage in order to “hold the line” on costs.

Pellett announced Tuesday that Glenville would take yet another step toward holding the cost of higher education for its students.

The college’s Board of Governors voted to reduce the price of its residential meal plan by $100. The board also voted to eliminate the mandatory $100 a year meal plan for students who live off campus.

Pellett said while $100 may not sound like much, it could make or break a student who is already struggling to afford their education.

“In the last ten years the cost of going to college has skyrocketed beyond what many parents and students are able to pay so it’s been critical for us to come up with ways to cut those costs,” he said.

Pellett said nutrition is pivotal to student success and his college will continue to find ways to cut costs for students into the future.