Briana Heaney Published

Gas Company Restoring Access Through The Holidays, New Issues Discovered

Holes in the street are surrounded by mounds of dirt, yellow tape and orange cones.
Gas line repairs on Charleston's West Side.
Curtis Tate/West Virginia Public Broadcasting

Gas has been restored to approximately 1,080 customers and 95 percent of the nearly 50 miles of gas lines contributing to the outage have been repaired.

However, the Mountaineer Gas Company (MGC) announced there are several hundred more customers who have lost access to natural gas. 

Through the holiday and weekend, residents can expect door-to-door visits by the gas company as part of the effort to restore natural gas to the area. There have been 62 carbon monoxide detectors installed, and more are available through United Way of Central West Virginia.

MGC announced that they should have the main line repairs completed by Sunday, but household lines will have varied timelines. 

“Depending on the amount of water in the customers lines, each customer will have different restoration requirements. Thus, restoration to individual customers will be a slow process to ensure the safety of the community,” MGC said in a press release.