Duncan Slade Published

Funding Approved For School Construction Projects In 7 Counties

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Board members for the West Virginia School Building Authority approved Monday almost $75 million for school construction projects.

Twenty nine counties applied for construction funds, but just seven counties made the cut.

“For the last year, the staff has worked extensively in many counties to gain an understanding of the severity of need with each project submitted,” said Ben Ashley, director of architectural services for the authority.

The state funds will help pay for seven new elementary schools, a new middle school, and renovations at nine other buildings. Counties will also contribute their own money in every county but Summers.

Projects that were not approved must be resubmitted for another round of funding in December.

Counties Receiving Funds

Greenbrier County received ​$8 million to relocate ​Alderson Elementary School.

​Jefferson County received $7.5 million to build two new elementary schools.

​​Mercer County received $9.6 million for the construction of ​new Bluewell-Brushfork PK-5 Elementary School

Mineral County received ​$9.6 million for the construction of a new Frankfort PK-4 Elementary School

​Ohio County received $18 million towards renovations to a half dozen schools.

Roane County received almost $14 million to build ​a new Spencer Middle School

​Summers County received ​$8.2 million for additions and renovations on its middle and high schools.

View the full list of funding applications here