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Drop Of Sun Studios And Appalachian Syrup, Inside Appalachia


This week, Drop of Sun Studios in Asheville, North Carolina has put out some of the hottest indie rock records of the year. We talk with one of its co-founders.

We also visit the Alleghany Highlands, where Appalachia’s maple syrup traditions are changing with the times.

And, poet Lacy Snapp introduces us to east Tennessee’s poetry scene.

You’ll hear these stories and more this week, Inside Appalachia.

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Highland County, Virginia attracts syrup producers and maple syrup fans for its annual festival.

Credit: Clara Haizlett/West Virginia Public Broadcasting

The Sweet Taste Of Syrup In Virginia And West Virginia

Highland County, Virginia and its neighbors in West Virginia are some of the southernmost places in the U.S. to make maple syrup. 

Generations of people in these communities have turned tapping trees for syrup into a longstanding tradition — but modern producers are experimenting with new syrups while adapting to changing demands, and a changing climate.

Folkways Reporter Clara Haizlett brings us this story.

Alex Farrar (left) and Adam McDaniel are the co-founders of Drop of Sun Studios in Asheville, North Carolina.

Credit: Drop of Sun Studios

Drop Of Sun Studios Sees Success In Asheville, NC And Beyond

Drop of Sun Studios in Asheville, North Carolina has been putting out a string of buzzworthy albums ranging from Angel Olsen and Wednesday to Indigo De Souza. 

Inside Applachia host, Mason Adams, wanted to find out more and spoke to record producer Alex Farrar about the studio and making records amid the Asheville music scene.

The Continuing Conversation About West Virginia’s Prisons

West Virginia’s prison system has come under fire for acute staffing trouble, violence and inmate deaths. But a recent report shows that the number of people incarcerated in West Virginia ranks low among states.

Wanda Bertram is communication strategist for the Prison Policy Initiative, which produced the report.

WVPB News Director Eric Douglas spoke with Bertram to find out more. 

Poetry Pub Crawls And Words That Come From Woodworking

Poet Lacy Snapp lives in Johnson City, Tennessee, where she teaches American Literature and Composition at East Tennessee State University. She’s also a woodworker. It’s a craft she picked up from her father’s side of the family in western North Carolina.

Inside Appalachia Producer Bill Lynch first met Snapp at the Appalachian Studies Conference in Athens, Ohio. She was there to talk about her work with a group that makes poetry more accessible to the public.

Bill recently caught up with Snapp to talk poetry, woodworking and poetry pub crawls. 


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