A KY Comedian Ducks A Flying Bottle And A Talk With The WV Poet Laureate

For working comedians, mean-spirited hecklers are part of the job. But what happens when someone gets angry enough to throw a beer? And, West Virginia poet laureate Marc Harshman had his own experience with an intimidating gig. We also hear some advice for people caring for aging relatives. You’ll hear these stories and more this week, Inside Appalachia.

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Notre Dame High School Senior Is National Poetry Out Loud Finalist

Notre Dame High School senior Ben Long from Clarksburg is one of nine national Poetry Out Loud finalists.

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Q&A With Crystal Wilkinson: Kentucky’s New Poet Laureate

Crystal Wilkinson is Kentucky’s new poet laureate, the first Black woman to have this title in the state. She recently spoke with Inside Appalachia’s co-host Caitlin Tan. Wilkinson began by reading a poem that is an ode to tobacco and her grandfather. The poem is featured in her soon-to-be-released collection of poems, ‘Perfect Black.’

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