Coal Official: EPA Proposals are Overstepping Its Authority


Mike Duncan is the President and CEO of the American Coalition for Clean Coal and Electricity. He’s disappointed in these proposals on carbon emission cuts, which call for 30 percent in carbon reductions from 2005 levels, by 2030. Duncan says his organization hopes to work with states on a continual basis to come up with solutions.

We believe the Clean Air Act was not intended for this,” he said.

“We believe that the states have the ability to set these standards that these aren’t national standards, and that states have primacy.”

Under the new regulations, states will have two years to come up with plans to meet these carbon standards. They can also apply for extensions, which could allow them an additional two years to draft a strategy. However, the EPA, according to its proposal, will have to approve of these plans moving forward.

I expect there will be litigation on both sides. I’m sure the environmental community will want this done faster. On the industry side, you’re going to see manufacturers say this is going to make us not competitive. The coal industry is going to say this is not right.”

There are four public hearings on the proposal, to be held the final week in July, in Pittsburgh, Washington D.C., Atlanta and Denver. Some lawmakers are disappointed that a hearing was not scheduled for West Virginia. Duncan says he hopes to attend one of them.